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This journal has been brought to you by none other than the world infamous internet addict, Libby Wardlaw. I know it can be a bit confusing to work with at first. but you can dirct any questions you have to me.
here are some questions i anticipate you asking:
1. how do I get to the actual journal from this page?
just click on where is says "mccormicks" next to "user:"
2. how should I go about posting something on this journal?
well, thats the tricky thing. Im pretty sure that you need an actual journal to post in a community so, if you feel so inclined to post. contact me and I will make you a journal so you can post in this community. A lot of people have their own journals that they dont actually write in, but they use them just so they can post in communities and comment on their friends journals.
3. how should I make posts after I HAVE a journal of my own?
if you are logged in, look at the top of this page and there should be an icon of a blue pencil. click on that and it will take you to the update page.
and just type in your post!
4. how do I comment on peoples posts?
there is a comment place underneath the post where you can either comment or see comments that have been made. this may be changed to something silly in the near future (for example, on the wardlaw one, where the link should say "3 comments / comment" it says "3 reprimanded / be late" mahaha
5. how do I post a picture?
this is something very complicated for the internet inept, but bear with me. first, it has to be online. use some kind of free internet hosting place. I recommend www.photobucket.com, if you dont have many to post, or else www.imageshack.com. when you get there, just sign up for your own account, then upload the picture onto the internet. from there all you need to do is use the code underneath it where it says something that has an img src=" somewhere in it. if this is too complicated or you just dont want to read through this because, frankly, its a long paragraph with confusing internet lingo and youre a busy enough person as it is, just contact me (libby) and I can take care of that whole confusing process for you and post your picture. :)
6. and lastly, frequently asked by my mother: What does "less than three" mean?!
ahahaha.... that is a heart. <3 <3 <3 <3 seeit? rotate your head to the left and you will see. its crazy livejournal language.

if you have any other questions just comment or cal my cell phone (210)445-3812 or email me at libeeloo@hotmail.com

Soon enough, I will be placing everyones contact information here as well as birthdays.
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