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hello again
so, it is summer and I am finally getting ahead with this project of mine.
but I seem to have misplaced my long list of names and email addresses.
arg. but I will find them soon.
anyhow, if you're here, it means that I have already made you an account and your livejournaling days are about to begin.
if you have any questions about how to post or anything of the sort. please comment on this post.

first entry on this mccormick community

Hello Everyone!
this is libby wardlaw here.
I was assigned a task a few days ago.
that task was to make a livejournal community for the masses. The McCormick mass I mean. And that is the quest I am determined to accomplish.
Indeed, here it is. and a mere DAY (ok, maybe 2 days) after I was asked! hooray for thanksgiving break! anyhow, enough ranting. Ill get to the impotant things.
To view this journal, the easiest thing to do it put on your bookmarks or something. if not, you can just go to and type in "mccormicks" next to where it says "search". NOT where it says "username and password"!!! that has led to much confusion as you may well imagine.
anyway, this journal will be handy when people dont know contact information (for it will be posted in the community info as soon as possible), or when someone is trying to plan and event and need imput, when people need to let something be known, a birthday or a get together, or just for updates on whats going on in your life. we all like to know how everyone is doing. and this is a simple way. :) there is other information aboutjust how you'd go about posting or commenting on this journal inside the journal info (just click on where it says "user info" at the top of the page.
lastly, this journal is also for posting hilarious pictures of you and your cousin at wurstfest blowing on the longest horn I have ever seen.
the following is me exercising that
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the end.
<3 libby wardlaw
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